“Why do I need a Toast Master?” you might say, after all they’re rather old fashioned and you want your wedding to be less stuffy. Well, how many weddings have you arranged and orchestrated in your life? Most Toats Masters will have orchestrated hundreds, maybe thousands. Thats a good enough reason surely?

As a wedding professional with 23 years experience, I would always advise couples to choose a Toast Master to help with the biggest day of your life. Quite simply because they are trained to look after you and your guests while adding a little pomp and ceremony to the day. That said, there is no reason your wedding should be stuffy as you can dictate the level of formality which your Toast Master delivers.

A good Toast Master will know exactly how your day should run, dictated by both tradition and your personal itinerary. They should usher your guests throughout the day, while running proceedings seemlessly and helping alay any stresses within the wedding party. A good Toast Master will have both Gravitas and Congeniality when needed, perfect for shepherding 100 strangers around strange surroundings.

The Toast Master should be your friend and guide, so a pre-wedding meeting is essential for bonding, as you will spend at least 8 hours together on your wedding day. Once bonded, you will realise how indispensable they are and wonder how you would manage without them!

As with all wedding suppliers and entertainers, choose wisely and your day will go swimmingly!

Steve Baker caricature

Toast Master Steve Baker