On your wedding day despite the best efforts of all involved, you can expect to run a little late, usually up to 30 minutes. Most involved will expect this but work to keep you on schedule, as all professionals should when dealing with a nervous Bride.

You may be contending with Registrars, Florists, Caterers, Photographers, Toast Masters, DJs, Entertainers, Wedding Planners, Hotel Managers, family and not forgetting guests, all bidding for your time and attention, which can be daunting and confusing. I would suggest the most important people not to keep waiting would be the Registrars, Caterers and of course your Spouse! Other than that, they can all wait for you.

Don’t forget, this is YOUR day and they all exist only for you, so don’t be bullied or badgered into hurrying along or skipping parts of the biggest day of your life. None of them would be there if it weren’t for you, YOU’RE the boss and so enjoy throng of people helping and buzzing around you, but relax and make time to enjoy your day also.

Entertainers such as Caricaturists will always work around you and fit to your schedule as much as possible, if that means juggling with Photographers or Toast Masters, then so be it, but never miss out on your caricature due to an impatient MC or Photographer. Enjoy your day, every part of your day, at your leisure.


The caricaturist’s evening performance should end around the time of FIRST DANCE, as this is when most guests begin dancing and the lights go out, making it impossible and unnecessary for the artist to continue drawing.

Caricaturists work on an hourly basis and are hired for a period of time, often having a second booking to follow your wedding. Therefore please be courteous when your artist has finished their performance and has to leave.