Planning a wedding reception and decided the best venue is a marquee? Hiring a caricaturist too? When booking/hiring a marquee you should always consider the following factors for a successful wedding reception.

  • Summer – Does your marquee have air-con? A large white closed sided tent can be stifling in the hot sun, for guests and performers alike.
  • Winter – Does your marquee have lighting? Long winter nights often plunge a marquee into darkness early on and lighting can be essential for diners and performers alike. Perhaps consider independently lit areas such as the bar and dancefloor.
  • Floors – Does your marquee have a false floor, is it steady or wobbly? Wet weather can undermine false floors and create walking/working hazards for guests and artists alike.
  • Weather – Is your marquee robust enough for the British weather? Strong winds, heavy rain and brilliant sunshine are all magnified once inside a marquee and can interrupt proceedings such as speeches.

Caricaturists need good lighting and a steady footing to draw their walkabout caricatures and often there is no power supply for extra lighting in a marquee, so consider the above points before booking your marquee or your caricaturist for your wedding.

Good luck with your wedding and remember to only hire the best caricaturist for your guests!


dark marquee