First wedding you’ve had to organise? Not sure about how to choose the best suppliers for your day? On a tight budget and shopping round?  Well there are a few handy hints which I would advise you to read before you hit the Wedding Shows this season:

  • Budget – never simply book the cheapest, as you’ll risk disappointment on the biggest day of your life and your guests WILL notice the difference.
  • Location – booking local suppliers can promote your local community, but local is not always the best and its worth looking further afield, if only to compare all services available. You may find a fantastic florist two counties away who is flexible with travel costs.
  • Recommendation – venues will often recommend suppliers for you, which can be very useful, as their reputations become intertwined and so both are less likely to let you down. Other wedding professionals will often make suggestions, which should be heeded, as they too work within the industry and know their onions.
  • Venues – you may have found a sublime location for your reception, but check the management and staff training before booking, as you may suffer slow table service or chaotic dining room scenes if staff are not capable of coping on the day.
  • Make friends – a handy way to choose your supplier is by simply meeting them, although some may not operate this way, you can still have a good chat with them and get to know them. It is essentail that you get along with your suppliers, they will share your biggest day after all.

Simply ask yourself; would I want this Caricaturist/Photographer/Toast Master/Musician at my wedding as a guest and friend? Will they fit in and gel with my day and my friends? If the answer is NO, then find a supplier who would.  There’s nothing worse than spending the day with a bossy or miserable Photographer, Toast Master or Maitre D, no matter what the cost. Professional, well trained, friendly staff and suppliers can make your day that bit easier, choose well and you should have nothing more to do on your biggest day other than enjoy it!


Have fun shopping round and enjoy the Wedding Show season which is upon us. See you at a show maybe 😉