I am not a children’s entertainer

Most weddings will involve children to some degree which can add that extra dimension to your proceedings and everyone loves a cute Flower Girl or Page Boy. Alternatively you may decide that children are not for your wedding.

If you are inviting children along, maybe hire a children’s entertainer or sitter so your children are properly supervised throughout the day.  That way the parents are free to enjoy themselves without the worry of misbehaving infants. Please note that a Caricaturist is NOT a children’s entertainer.

Of course we all adore the cute wedding outfits on the younger ones and they make for adorable photos, but they don’t necessarily make for great caricatures. In fact children and babies in particular make the worst models for a caricaturist, so maybe think twice before making your child queue up to be drawn.

  • Do they actually WANT to be drawn or are you forcing them?
  • Do they have any idea what a CARICATURE is?
  • Will they like being stared at by a strange man with a pen or will they cry?
  • Will they stand still and pose for 4-5 minutes or fall asleep… or cry?
  • Do you want your adorable baby or child to be ridiculed?
  • Will they misbehave and distract the artist while waiting?

Most children have no concept of what a caricature is and do not care to be drawn, let alone stared at by a strange man with a pad and pen, which often ends in tears! From a caricaturist’s viewpoint, children do not have any features to exaggerate and so the task is an impossible one from the start. Coupled with their lack of reaction, the whole experience can be a real crowd buzz-kill.

However if you do insist on having your child drawn, could you please not treat the artist like a Creche and simply leave your child queuing alone, make sure you accompany them and help them pose, for best possible results. Children above all act as a distraction for any Entertainer or Artist and can spoil the overall performance if left unattended, so please keep an eye on the little darlings 😉

baby caricature