I am an artist but also a professional entertainer and I take a lot of joy from interacting with guests and subjects while drawing and showing off my skills. Indeed I pride myself on being witty and charming, thus adding an extra dimension to the performance and creating a buzz. I offer an entertainment SERVICE, not just a PRODUCT as you might find at a Them Park or Pier, which is why you pay a premium for me, so please let me entertain you to the best of my ability, which can be done by following these points:

  • Introduce me as the UK’s celebrity caricaturist, GQ illustrator and professional entertainer and help build up a buzz. Perhaps mention my many TV appearances?
  • Do not whisk the drawings away, put them in your room, collect them in a pile for later use or otherwise hide them. Please allow the guests to show them off, create a buzz and raise some laughter!
  • Do not ask me to work in the same room as the Disco, as it will kill all chances of banter or laughter and make me appear like an automaton.
  • Do not allow a queue of children to form, as these will undoubtedly kill the buzz and render my performance mute, as they shout, cry and show no reaction to what they are shown.
  • Please chat and interact with me, as I am not a drawing machine and love nothing better than a good banter!

It breaks my heart when I leave a venue after an evening of battling against a Disco, not having chatted with any guests, with no drawings floating around, while wondering if I wowed them. This may be good enough for some amateures, many of whom even CHARGE guests at weddings, but its not good enough for me. So please let me show off my stuff and I’ll make your day one to remember!