cheap photo booths

At a recent wedding fayre I found myself competing against the latest fad; PHOTO BOOTHS! This is in no way a fair comparison as I shall explain:

Mobile Photo Booths are primarily to intended entertain drunk punters, originally popular at Student Balls, these monstrosities have broadened their customer base to include Weddings, where they are monopolised by the intoxicated evening guests. Could you imagine Great Aunt Maude or Grandpa Joe queuing for hours to climb inside one, late at night? Booths are hastily erected, often cheaply produced and operated largely by unskilled, part time staff, who are no more qualified to entertain your guests than they are to slice meat at a butcher’s. Wouldn’t you rather pay good money to have a trained, qualified, recognized professional entertainer at your wedding?

Quality of entertainment aside, logistically speaking they are at best a late night, static attraction, for those happy to encourage a queue at their evening celebrations. But would you hire a Photo Booth to keep your guests laughing during the professional photographs in the afternoon? What of your immediate family and head table, will they be guaranteed laughter or will they have to queue all evening just for a silly snap? Will you just end up with snaps of your work colleagues in a drunk state? These points should be considered.

Hiring a professional caricaturist, especially The Wedding Artist, guarantees you are paying for a professional entertainer, to mix with your guests and lift their spirits during the quiet periods, as needed. Never shabby or disappointing, The Wedding Artist will leave your guests smiling and talking about the drawings for weeks and months afterwards.

When did you last hear wedding guests singing the praises of the Photo Booth for weeks after a wedding??