I’m often asked why I won’t pay for online listings or adverts, this is why;

Late last year I was approached by one of a million online wedding directories, popping up like wild fire and offered a FREE 3 month trial. I do like ‘try before you buy’ and so I signed up to the website, to see what success I had in 3 months. Foolishly I ticked their T&Cs and forgot about it, expecting an email in 3 months to see if I wanted to advertise. Instead they managed to take £59 from my Paypal, without so much as a courtesy call!
When I challenged them and asked for a refund, I was directed to their T&Cs and told it was an automated payment, therefore out of their hands. I simply pointed out that if given a choice I would have cancelled my subscription and not made the payment. This is bad business practice in my opinion.
As a wedding professional, there is no way I would take money from one of my Brides, without their knowledge and if I did I certainly would nt expect them to be happy. This is an abhorant practice and I felt it my duty to warn all suppliers considering accepting this 3 month trial offer from UK WEDDING STORE.

Whilst I am now aware of my responsibility to cancel any unwanted standing payments on Paypal and admit being remiss, I feel a warning email would have saved a lot of ill feeling.

PS: I have not received a single lead from my paid advert on their website (I shall not dignify them with a link).