In answer to many queries about my drawing couples or singles, I draw mainly singles.

This is because I am an entertainer and 22 years of drawing has taught me that a room full of laughter every 4 minutes is far more entertaining than making couples sit for 10 minutes, while they get bored, the crowd gets bored, I get bored and it turns into a silent production line of impatient punters. I prefer to walk from guest to guest, like a social butterfly, raising laughter, rather than sit in a corner, head down, drawing long winded couple or family sketches. I am aware other artists may offer Couples this service, but I guarantee on the day, I am the most entertaining artist you can book!

Think of me like a comedian; wouldn’t you rather here me telling fast jokes that make you laugh, than telling a 10 minute long story, which loses your attention, just because two people asked me to?