photo booth queue

Just read a disturbing thread regarding a bride’s choice between a Caricaturist and a Photo Booth, where the assumption seems to be that caricatures take upto 20 minutes and photo booths are a better alternative! I thought I needed to set the record straight.

Their simply is no competition. Photo booths were born at college balls, where hundreds of drunk students could act stupid on record and this has spilled into the wedding market, much like chocolate fountains. So if you want to keep your drunk evening guests occupied, then hire an unqualified part timer to erect a square box at your wedding and watch the queue. However if you want entertainment with a more personal touch, hire a full time entertainer to walk around chatting and drawing your guests, one every 4 minutes! With a University degree in illustration and 27 years experience of weddings, I guarantee I know the best way to keep your guests entertained during the lulls. That said, there is a market for everything and some people prefer photo booths and chocolate fountains, while others prefer singing waiters and cheese boards. I like to think I can fit into either market, so think twice before before booking your wedding entertainment.


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